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Oases Online is software designed to manage any session based business where an instructor or carer is with a single or group of attendees but we have a few extra-special items worth mentioning for managing sports and activities.

All users have access to create goal plans and targets and report on those targets. Record scores and improvements for any type of activity or training.


It’s all about the pool when you run a swim school! Do you have a location with a pool, does the student have a pool or does the instructor have a pool? This information can be recorded in Oases and used to find the best student instructor location combination for any given scenario.

Boats or Horses

You don’t normally have boats and horses together but whether you run a sailing center or riding stables create your boats or horses in Oases and use the calendar to ensure that you never double book or put too many students in a booking or session.

Session Bid

Find out who has equipment and availability for a certain booking. A pool is used in the following example.

Locations, students and instructors are listed with or without a pool and this information together with geo-location technology allows Oases to present a list of available Instructors for a swim lesson scenario. Students and Instructors may also add a Maximum Travel Distance (MTD) – if the student will be using their own pool then Oases will look for any instructor whose MTD will get them to the student’s home. Likewise, if the student will be traveling to the Instructor’s pool, Oases will only present instructors within the student’s MTD.

Even if you have your own swim center pool or use a local facility Oases will then email out the available session for your instructors to claim. You have the final say on who will receive the job and all claimants, successful and otherwise will receive a notification email from Oases. Totally automated.

Session & Schedule Creation

If you do know who will be taking a session you can create single appointments for one or more students or create a schedule of repeating lessons. The calendar can be used to duplicate, move or edit sessions with a click or a drag.

Schedules can be updated to end early or be extended as the customer books more sessions for the student, complete with a bonus for the instructor if they complete the booking.

Snack Track

If your instructors provide snacks and drinks to students that they can claim back from the company or to be re-billed to the parent or customer, Oases comes complete with a snack tracker, making invoicing and payroll reimbursements super simple.


Invoice your customers in advance, after scheduling or after services with one click invoicing. Add payments and manage aging accounts.

Split a bill automatically between two parents and even charge different rates for different students or instructors.

Oases will calculate gross pay based on an hourly rate or a special student rate or even a rate that is a percentage of the amount you billed your customer.

Run Credit Cards

Open an Oases account and save credit cards and eCheck info to run payments. With Oases Parent Portal customers can view bills and make credit card payments themselves. All payments instantly update the customer’s account and you are notified by Authorize of all transactions.

So what’s next?

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