Schools & Districts

Schools & districts can use Oases tutor management system to manage programs that run in conjunction with, or after the school day. Thus, if you are managing funds from grants, the government or parents or even a combination this is what Oases is designed to do.

All the features of Oases are available to Schools and Camp operators no matter if you provide supplemental tutoring or afterschool camp. So, here are some of the items you may find helpful to assist with your day to day business operation.

You can divide your program into sites and/or divide your sites into teams or rooms.

Schedule a full day or after school session or segment your day into team activities and never over or under book a location or field trip again!

Don’t have teams? Schedule multiple staff to work with all your kids even if they come and go throughout the day.

Bulk, Recurring & Grant Invoicing

If you don’t invoice for the Summer or for a Semester in one go then invoicing your weekly or monthly payers is simple! That is to say, just highlight everyone who is being invoiced for the same thing and Oases does the rest.

Most services you offer may be set to book online via the Oases MarketPlace storefront. For example, Summer Camp, Day Camp and academics may be posted and sold online.

Automatic Sign Out Sheets with Pick Up Authority

As well as having student names on our mobile App, Oases will automatically create a hard copy sign out sheet for your attendees with the names of friends or family members with pick-up authorization.

Check in Check out mode can be activated on an iPad if you would prefer to automate this process.

Snack Track

If you provide snacks during the day Oases has one click snack track.

An attendee can be set to free, reduced or full pay snack and re-billing a parent or program is simple.


Invoice your customers in advance, after scheduling or after services with one click invoicing. Add payments and manage aging accounts.

Split a bill automatically between two parents and even charge different rates for different students or instructors.

Oases will calculate gross pay based on an hourly rate or a special student rate or even a rate that is a percentage of the amount you billed your customer.

Run Credit Cards

Schools & districts will often need to charge parents for services. So Credit card processing is available and easy by linking your database to a payment gateway. You can run cards or have parents pay bills via their login.


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