Parks and Rec

Oases Online is a tutor scheduling system designed to manage any session based business. However, we have a few extra-special functions to help you manage Parks and Rec.

Parks & Rec have unique requirements other than a straight tutor scheduling system; renting sports fields, selling fitness classes, gym membership and AfterSchool Camp or care for local children.

Oases makes this simple to run side by side but divided from each other if need be.

You will find all the features of Oases are available to Parks & Rec operators no matter your services. So here are some of the items you may find helpful to assist with your day to day business operation.

Room or Field Bookings

Whether you charge or provide a free service, load your rooms and fields (lodges & campsites) into Oases and book them out to clubs or individuals as a one-off or recurring reservation. Charge for your space? No problem generate an invoice and take payment before or after service.

Classes & Coaches

If you offer classes or your fields come with a Coach you can manage the staff or self-employed instructors easily in Oases.

Record qualifications and specialties and background checks and clearance documents, even notate when they are available on a simple to use template.

Quick and easy payroll calculates gross pay for your people even if they take a percentage of the revenue; Oases calculates that for you.

Camp & Child Care

If you offer after school or summer camp services you will need the student database functions in Oases, so we have everything you need.

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Snack Track

If you provide snacks during the day Oases has one click snack track.

An attendee can be set to free, reduced or full pay snack and re-billing a parent or program is simple.

Run Credit Cards

Link to credit card processing gateways.

With Oases Parent Portal and our MarketpPlace storefront customers can make purchases, view bills and make credit card payments themselves. All payments instantly update the customer’s account and you are notified of all transactions.

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