Business Uses

As well as tutoring and test prep Oases may be used for any business that provides instruction or training. The following links provide specific information for functions in Oases that lend themselves to specific tasks:

Oases Active

Oases is great at tracking activities be they in a training or fun environment. Swim Schools is all about the pool so let us track who has pools and where they are, sailing it’s all about the equipment and how many students can use each rig. …Read more

Oases Camp

All the features of Oases are available to Camp operators no matter if you provide academics, activities or child care, here are some of the items you may find helpful to assist with your day to day business operation…Read more

Oases Parks & Rec

Using Oases to manage room rental, field and pitch rental or class sales is a snap. Bill through Oases and calculate payments to your instructors…Read more

Oases Schools & Districts

Schools and School Districts use Oases to manage programs within or in addition to the normal academic day. Manage after school care, tutoring, extended day and enrichment…Read more

Oases Therapy

Educational Psychologists and Therapists use Oases to manage sessions, goals and progress. Invoice parents, schools or funds using our built in features.

Oases Tutoring & Extended Learning Time

It’s how we started. Manage private pay, grant or federally funded tutoring with automatic invoice creation for your big programs based on budget and allowances. All users have access to testing, learning plans and progress reports plus all the features of Oases.

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