Washington’s Waiver for the NCLB – Denied


As of July 21, 2014 the State of Washington has lost its waiver which allowed flexibility under the federal No Child Left Behind Law.  Washington is the first state to lose its waiver. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn knew this was coming and while he tried to make necessary changes to try to keep the waiver in place he was unsuccessful.  So the question now becomes, what does this mean?   For parents, they now have the right to move their children to schools that are making adequate yearly progress and where outside tutoring (SES Programs) will now be offered.  

For tutoring companies, this means that if you have not yet been approved as an SES provider then apply immediately.  A great source to find information regarding this topic is on The Tutor Report, where you can access and review the Washington page by clicking here.   

For approved SES providers, do you have a system in place that specifically handles the attendance and reporting necessary for the NCLB program requirements?  If not, Oases is ready to help you.   To set up a call with one of our Education Specialists email sales@oasesonline.com, use our online form by clicking here or call us at 866.327.0035. 

We are running a quick start promotion for Washington NCLB Tutoring providers so be sure to mention that you are a tutoring company or program located in Washington.