#TutorDiaries: A Storytelling Challenge

Guest Article by Sara Azmoudeh, Community Manager, Bay Area Tutoring Association.

We have a #TutorDiaries challenge for you as we believe tutors are often underrated, and at the Bay Area Tutoring Association we are on a mission to change that. We believe tutoring is more than helping students improve their academic performance. It’s building relationships, sharing knowledge, empathy and bi-directional leadership development.

Bay Area Tutoring Association is the San Francisco Bay Area’s only non-profit tutoring organization dedicated to the development of the tutoring profession for tutors of all ages. We believe tutoring is more than helping students improve their academic performance. It’s building relationships, sharing knowledge, empathy and bi-directional leadership development.

Our mission is to develop an academic tutoring workforce for the support of Common Core Math, Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), STEM, Computer Science intervention and enrichment programs and services. We collaborate with parents, teachers, educational leaders, school sites, districts, CBO’s, non-profits, foundations and other organizations for the development of growth mindsets and life-long learners of Bay Area students in grades K thru 12.

The #TutorDiaries Challenge – We want to hear how tutoring has impacted you.

The first step to giving tutors more recognition is getting the truth out. So, we teamed up with to put on the ultimate storytelling challenge: #TutorDiaries. We are looking for personal stories from anyone who has been a tutor, had a tutor, needed a tutor or know a tutor well.

Our plan is to feature these amazing tutors, their businesses, stories of leadership, productive struggle, positive impact, and self-discovery in our newsletter and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup, Pinterest, Twitter etc.).

Here’s the fine print:

We are looking for personal stories with specific details, creative pictures and inspiring captions of all shapes and sizes. Tell your tutoring story with a photo that connects readers to that story (e.g. a photo of you with your tutor or tutee, a photo of you studying).

Here’s an example of a story:

“Philosophy 100B was one of the hardest classes I took in college. Regardless of how much I studied, my grades were not improving. And for the first time I re-considered my major, goals, and career plan. It was a hard time.

Luckily, I met Amanda. She tutored me through 100B and ended up sticking around for the remainder of undergrad. I don’t know what would have happened without her. But I am excited to announce that with her help, I graduated from UCLA yesterday with plans to start a graduate philosophy program soon. Thanks Amanda.”

#TutorDiaries Prizes

There will be 5 main winners of the #TutorDiaries Challenge who earn 30%, 20%, 10%, 10% and 10% of the $500 prize pool. There may also be special prizes outside of the normal prize pool, depending on the story and impact.

We are also providing 1 year free Bay Area Tutoring Association membership to all contestants from the Bay Area a $240.00 value. Everyone is guaranteed to win something for participating (remaining 20% divided).

You have until June 17th to join-in!

For more information about this challenge please contact Chris Norwood, Executive Director Bay Area Tutoring Association email:

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