Three Reasons to Use Online Tutoring Software


Is your tutoring company utilizing the latest in online tutoring software? Web-based tutoring software like Oases makes handling the complex day-to-day operations of your business easier and less expensive and time-consuming. Without this software, you may be using an online spreadsheet or calendar, which is not an effective way to manage all of your operations, which includes tutor and student scheduling, payroll and invoices, and assignments and lesson plans. If you’re not yet using Oases online tutoring software, here are some major reasons why you should start now.

    1. Streamline your operations. The days of using a separate spreadsheet or software solution for each set of data are over. Online tutoring management software streamlines all of your operations, so you can review lesson plans, track student payments, book tutors, and maintain payroll all in one convenient place. You can access every aspect of your tutoring business from Oases, enabling your company to reduce admin errors and save valuable time and money.
    1. Greater accessibility. Not only will all the data be in one convenient location, but also authorized users can access it from wherever they are and from any device. With web-based software, tutors can access their schedules, students’ grades, and other important information from a personal laptop or tablet; they don’t need to be in the office on a company computer. This gives tutors complete access whether they’re working from home, traveling or at a conference. Oases also has a special portal for parents, where they can easily make payments, request classes, and monitor their child’s progress.
    1. No more scheduling conflicts. Without integrated tutoring software like Oases, staying organized can be difficult. You may accidentally over-book a tutor, leaving a student without a teacher. Oases eliminates the risk of scheduling conflicts by warning you if you attempt to double book a tutor.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Oases online tutoring software. To learn more about Oases, give us a call: 866-327-0035.