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I used to be dependent upon spreadsheets too- but Oases is so easy to use and it reduces human error. Most importantly freed up unproductive time on the business so I could focus on growing instead of managing useless time-consuming spreadsheets.”
– Zena, CA Provider

The #1 thing I learned is how to stop paying tutors for services not delivered. This strategy alone will save me at least $50,000 this year.”
– Nicole, GA & MI Provider

We’ve been using Oases for about 6 months. We are opening our second learning studio in just a few months and we couldn’t do it without the Oases Information Management System to help us manage our business. When we were first introduced to Oases we were thrilled with it…the functionality is just as user friendly. We can always count on the Oases team for any and all needs…their support is second to none. I have personally used other education Management Software programs and NOTHING is as intuitive and feature-rich as Oases.”

– Jim, GA Provider

“I got to my office today before 8 a.m. The whole purpose of this day was to print 227 SPRs. I got busy with another 100 things and when I noticed the time, it was 6 p.m.
I am still at the office and it is past 7 p.m. but it is NOT because of the printing of the SPRs. I finished that task in about 30 minutes!
I was able to print ALL SPRS with one click!!!!! Of course I printed 10 SPRs first and I checked if all the information was transferred accurately; ALL TEN WERE PERFECT!
Thank you very much for helping me to accomplish this task in such an efficient way.”

-Miriam, CA Provider

“From the very beginning, Oases has been very user friendly. Staff members had an easy time logging into the system and learning it’s functionality. The menus are very intuitive.
I do like the fact that data is easy to access and real time. I also like the way that it is very comprehensive and they continue to update the functionality to meet the needs of clients.”

– Julie, NY, MA, NJ Provider

“Invoicing is my best friend! Oases makes invoicing quick and easy. It makes me more efficient getting the task complete and gives me more time to do other things.”

– Frank, AR, CA, ID, IA, NM, TX, VA Provider

“The customer service is outstanding. Our questions are answered by a live person on the phone whenever we call. Also, the staff are willing to modify the program as much as possible to fit our program needs. The preloaded data and student reports are very helpful in meeting NCLB and SES requirements. Oases has been a great investment and keeps us organized!”
– Hope, VA Provider

Oases has proved to be an invaluable resource for our SES business. Student attendance, learning plans, progress reports and payroll are all streamlined to a high level of efficiency. We save time and money when generating reports. The online interface allows users (i.e. tutors and administrators) the ability to access the program at anytime or anyplace. The Oases team is dedicated to developing a program that is aligned to the standards and requirements of each state.”
– Nicole, GA & MI Provider

Oases is a very valuable tool in tracking our SES program. It saved us hours of time with record keeping, monitoring student lists, used/remaining PPA and invoicing. Everything looked very professional but yet was user friendly. We plan to continue using it next year.”
– Brenda, AZ Provider

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