Does Scheduling Drain your Private Tutoring Company? How Come?


     Lacey first contacted Oases Online roughly four years ago with a major problem.  Her tutoring company had grown significantly over the previous few years and she was struggling with scheduling.  Parents would call in with specific subjects for their children and very specific times when they were available for tutoring.  So as Lacey put it she would have to go through her list of tutors, find the ones who could assist the student in let’s say A.P. Chemistry and then see if any of the tutors she found could be available Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m..  Once that list was generated she would then have to verify by calling them to see if they would do in-home tutoring at a location in Scottsdale.  Once in a while she could handle these requests but this was happening 9-10 times a week and she had her own tutoring schedule that she also had to fulfill.  Things were getting complicated. 

     She was tired of using various calendaring programs to figure things out, not to mention keeping track of the hours was virtually impossible.  Then there was billing which  she referred to as “her necessary evil” which included billing the responsible party as well as paying her tutors. 

     So Lacey did what most people do in this situation…she jumped on Google and searched for Tutor Management System or Tutor Scheduling System, the exact phrase didn’t really matter.  What did matter is that she came across Oases Online and was intrigued.  Could there actually be a system in the market that allowed her to enter tutors, keep track of their availability (in some cases they could take care of their own availability), document what they were eligible/certified to teach and where they were willing to work?  Does this system even have an easy way of getting the contact information for the tutors? 

     It’s been a little over four years and Lacey is still using Oases Online to schedule, monitor, keep tabs on progress, bill and now she also uses Oases Online for payroll.  Clients like Lacey are what we thrive for here at Oases Online. 

     Are you having similar business challenges?  Did you find this blog because you were searching for a Tutor Management System or a Tutor Scheduling System


Contact us at (866) 327-0035, email at or go to our contact page by clicking here.  Tell one of our Education Consultants what your needs are and let them help you.  Scheduling doesn’t have to be a drain.  It can be easy!    Don’t forget to ask about our Intelligent Match feature!  It truly is tutor scheduling made easy! 

  • David Turner says:

    I just took a look at your videos and this might be what I have been looking for. How do I get a demonstration of the service?

    • Ariel Mordetsky says:

      David thank you for your interest. You can call us at 866.327.0035 or fill out our online form at

      One of our team members will get back to you ASAP!

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