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Online Tutoring with IDroo

Video Conferencing with IDroo. Online sharing systems are essential for virtual tutoring sessions. However, many out there come with a high price tag or cumbersome, clunky operations.

Over the next few months we will review some of the main platforms available. Additionally, we will let you know which ones we like.

First up is IDroo which we reviewed a few years ago on our Tutor Report magazine. So I thought I would check in with it again and see how Online Tutoring with IDroo is shaping up.

Ease of Use

I logged in and created my first video conferencing with IDroo board in seconds, very simple.

The sharing link is the first thing you see, and it’s obvious. Additionally, this link may be viewed by any recipient. Your student would need to login should they wish to interact with your board. Login can be done quickly via Google Single Sign On.

online tutoring with Idroo

Layout & Toolbars

The tool bar front and center is very user friendly, Furthermore, the pen writes legible numbers when using a mouse – the track-pad, not so much!

I particularly liked the formula button that opened the formula tool bar. This allows for the neat creation of equations.

All in all this is a great whiteboard and while the free version has some limitations such as no audio, it can be used alongside Skype and it is free.

online tutoring with idroo


Since my previous review ‘document upload’, has gone from the free plan and is now available for paid subscriptions only, but if you need audio for your tutoring sessions this would be a requirement regardless and the standard package comes in around $10.00 a month.


Oases Online is not integrated with iDroo. However, it is easy to place iDroo links into Oases to go out with automatic Session Reminders.

For a fully integrated whiteboard experience Oases Online is integrated with Lessonspace.

To see the features and benefits of Oases and how it integrates with Lessonspace book a demonstration below.

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