Custom WebForms

Capturing information from your website visitors and delivering the information directly to Oases is simple with Custom WebForms.

Create forms for:

  • Tutor or Employee Applications
  • Customer Enrollments
  • Add a student to an exisiting customer record

The form is created in your Oases Online database and the form produces code that is then published to your website to display the form on a page of your choice.

Add fields of your choice and determine the destination fields and location in Oases. You can also add the URL of a Thank You page or a What’s next page to display after the form is submitted.

Any changes to your form in Oases change dynamically on your website. No need to re-post that pesky code!

So what’s next?

On the right side of this page you will find a demonstration booking form. We would love to show you how Oases can streamline your business so fill out the form and book a convenient time or call us on 866.327.0035.

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