Ask your instructors if they want to work – without calling!

Session Bid & Schedule Bid from Oases tutoring software is our proprietary solution that allows you to ’email blast’ sessions or schedules, that do not yet have a tutor, coach or instructor assigned.

Create a session or a schedule of sessions and email it out to all applicable tutors for them to express an interest in the new job.

Oases will look at:
Location proximity and the tutor’s Maximum Travel Distance
Subjects & Levels taught
Specialist Areas or Support Skills
Tutor’s preferred age group

Even if you have your own center or use a local facility Oases will then email out the available session or schedule for your staff to claim. You have the final say on who will receive the job and all claimants, successful and otherwise will receive a notification email from Oases tutor management system. Totally automated.

So what’s next?

On the right side of this page you will find a demonstration booking form. We would love to show you how Oases can streamline your business so fill out the form and book a convenient time or call us on 866.327.0035.

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