There are many ways to access, export and use data collated by Oases.

Student Progress Reports

Progress reports for students create automatically in Oases; collating session notes and test scores.When it’s time to create a progress report for a student for a date range of your choosing, the staff members working with the student can add over-all subject notes to the automatically collated data as well as responding to specific goals from the student Learning Plan.

Simple progress metrics may be activated to respond to key progress indicators and subsequent reports show improvement in a graph format.

The Dashboard

Divided into current data, progress and annual comparisons the Dashboard gives you up-to-the-minute live business information and the bird’s eye view of your business and each individual program or site within your business.

Filter your data by state, program or even an individual location to view your revenue and payroll costs.

The Report Suite

Over 75 reports broken down into easy to manage sections on students, staff, invoicing, payroll, agency data, accounts and miscellaneous.

Don’t see a report you need then use Custom Reports to build your personalized report. Choose to release individual Custom Reports to your staff with Coordinator access.


To supplement the report suite most pages in Oases have an export to Excel function to download the information as viewed on the screen. You may apply filters and export students, staff, sessions, payroll, invoice lists to complement the report suite.

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