Marketplace Storefront

Oases MarketPlace is a white-label website store created in your Oases database to give you the best tutoring management software features. You publish the code created by Oases to your website. You can create one or multiple stores for different programs if required.

There are five main components to MarketPlace and you can use any combination of them together:

  • Sell tutoring or service hours
  • Display your tutors & their availability for booking
  • List an existing session for sale for students to buy onto
  • Advertise and sell a package of created sessions for students to buy onto
  • White label customer login


Sell Tutoring Hours on MarketPlace

The simplest transaction on your Oases website store would be to sell hours to your new or existing customers. For example they could buy five hourly sessions or a package of five hours as required. In other words, you set up how you want the time to be sold.


Display Your Tutors for Booking

You can send your tutors to display on one or multiple storefronts, displaying a photo, bio and a calendar for instant bookings.

To make sure your tutors get plenty of notice of a booking you can set buffers and parameters.

marketplace storefront

List an Existing Session for Sale

So you’ve decided that on a particular day a group session will take place and you want more attendees. For example, this could be an SAT practice test that you use for marketing, or a day of Camp services.

You can create this session in Oases with all the pertinent information and send it to Marketplace so that it lists in your website store. Above all, you can set maximum attendees and Oases will stop displaying the session when it’s full.


Sell a Package of Sessions

Just like selling a single session if you have a course of sessions such as a test-prep intensive or a week of Camp, send these to your Marketplace storefront for sale.


White Label Login

Your customers can access their account via the customer login attached to MarketPlace. Most importantly, it’s white label so there is no reference to Oases during the customer account experience.

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