Send your Oases Data to MailChimp

The MailChimp Integration in Oases sends data from Oases to add data to a list in MailChimp or move your existing data from one group within a list to a new group.

These additions and changes are the catalysts used by MailChimp to fire Automation emails to your prospects or customers allowing you to manage communication and sales with your customers.

Here’s How it Works

After adding your MailChimp API code to Oases you create triggers to send the data required to a specific MailChimp list and if required, a specific group within that list.

Triggers may be created from Student, Customer or Staff records within Oases.

In Context

Using Oases WebForms potential staff or customers may apply directly from your website. The Oases WebForm creates the new Oases record and alerts you to the submission. Behind the scenes the MailChimp triggers transfer any required data to MailChimp which in turn fire your MailChimp Automations.

Seamless communication for standard emails.

So what’s next?

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