Testing with Achieve

Oases partners with Achieve to offer Pre & Post Assessment Tests in Reading/Language Arts and Math.  Oases allows you to administer your Achieve Tests in person or online via a link that can be emailed.

By using the Achieve Tests in conjunction with Oases you can generate a targeted learning plan from the student’s test results.  If you use Common Core standards, Oases can generate the learning plan automatically.  If not you will need to work with the Oases team to select which state standards you wish to use.

Test results are generated and then grouped by benchmarks and objectives.  Oases can compare the student’s pre and post tests and report on the gains.  This allows you to show the efficacy of your program.

Please note Achieve tests are subject to an additional per test charge.

Achieve Validity Report

Print the Achieve Validity Report

Oases customers using Achieve and wishing to apply for government contracts where the Achieve test will be used as a means of measurement may request additional information for your RFA application from the Oases support team.

Examples of the Achieve Test in Oases

Achieve Grade 4 math question

Achieve Test print out

Testing & Learning Plan Video

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