Easy Ways to Show Up in Social Media


Our friends at The Tutor Report continuously put out great tips to help those in those in the academic marketplace.  Take a look at their article on 4 Simple Ways to Stand Out in Social Media.    

The four areas are:

  1. Embrace Visuals
  2. Show Off Your Expertise
  3. Generate Engagement
  4. Use Branded Collateral aka swag aka tchotckes!

Operating a Tutoring Business is more than just teaching classes to students.  You need to be a business owner and not only have Tutor Management Systems like Oases Online to help run your day to day operations, but be able to consistently reach out to your existing and potential new clients sustain and grow your business!  Whether using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or etc. read the article and apply the four tips to your tutoring business today.  

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