9 Benefits of Web Based Tutor Scheduling Software


How do you handle scheduling at your tutoring company?  

If you are not already using tutor-scheduling software you might be using your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendars, online spreadsheets or one of several other different and disparate solutions.   But are they effective?   How much time are you wasting rifling through sheets and files rather than just logging into a simple secure site and getting all of your answers?  Chances are the bigger your company is the more time and effort you are putting into this simple but laborious process. 

Here are 9 ways to make your life as a Tutoring Business Owner or a Tutor Scheduling Coordinator significantly easier:

  1. Easy Online Access:  You might be on the road, an educational conference or possibly even on vacation but you get that call and/or email that you need to schedule a student for classes.  You do not have to find your schedule book or check the schedule and then call your tutors to see if they are available.  Using software such as Oases, you can simply login to your account, access your student, enter the subject type, date/time and location requested and let the software reach out to your database of tutors and match that student with who is available and qualified to handle that session. 
  2. Easily Change Session Time:  How many times has a student or parent called in to change class times.  Rather than fumble through various sheets then calling the tutor, wouldn’t it be easier to just login and drag and drop the session to the proper time?
  3. Clean Interface:  Easily login to see your schedule for selected, or all of your instructors and classes. 
  4. Avoid Conflicts:  Cloud based software like Oases has built in protection to warn you if you are trying to double book a tutor.  It makes sure you do not have scheduling conflicts!
  5. Security:  allow your data to sit in secure data centers and systems like Oases as they have 256-bit encryption. 
  6. No IT Management:  Using hosted services you no longer need to apply patches or update new releases.  This is done automatically which allows you to spend less time talking to your IT guy and more time focusing on your core business. 
  7. Maintain Payroll:  Simply click a button and generate your reports needed for payroll.  Oases allows you to generate reports for upload specifically to systems like ADP, Paychex and many more.
  8. Accounts Receivable:  Keep track of Student/Parent payments or even allow parents to login to pay their bills online. 
  9. Online Parent Access:  Allow parents to login to pay bills, request classes or keep up on the progress of their children! 

Just because you are a small on midsize tutoring company doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or can’t have an enterprise level system to help you run your business.  Oases Online has been in business for over ten years helping Tutoring Professionals across the globe easily manage their day-to-day operations.   To learn more, contact us by clicking here, sales@oasesonline.com or call one of our Education Specialists at 866.327.0035.