Your 19 Point Checklist for Lead-Capturing Marketing

lead capturing marketing

Lead Capturing Marketing

Have you ever felt the frustration due to failing to attract the leads from a marketing piece? Then this checklist will excite you. In fact, you may want to print and post the following tips near your computer. Thus allowing you review them next time you write anything for your tutoring marketing.

Getting Leads for Tutoring Companies

  1. Do you have a headline?

    Immediately grab your prospects’ attention by addressing their needs and making your products or services a huge benefit that’s impossible for them to ignore.

  2. Have you provided prospects with a reason to continue reading?

    Incorporate curiosity and demonstrate an understanding of your prospects’ problems, feelings and desires.

  3. Do you have an emotional appeal?

    All lead capturing marketing leads to buying decisions. These are driven by emotions (fear, challenges, hope, success, etc.) and justified with logic.

  4. Are your claims supported with proof?

    You must satisfy your readers with accurate facts, quotes, charts or images that can disrupt the hesitations in your prospects’ minds.

  5. Have you educated your prospects?

    Make the information you share in your marketing piece so valuable that prospects can’t throw it away and want to share it with others.

  6. Is your company name prominently featured (it shouldn’t be)?

    Your company name is irrelevant to your prospects when compared to the end result, the benefits of your products and services. Getting leads for tutoring companies is about tutoring, not your company.

  7. Have you established yourself as the expert?

    Reference articles, awards, books, case studies or media coverage to help demonstrate your position as a tutoring industry authority.

  8. Is your unique selling point incorporated?

    If you don’t explain why you’re different than your competition, your marketing message becomes as noticeable as a whisper in a crowded bar.

  9. Do you have testimonials?

    Anything you say about your tutoring service is never as powerful as your clients’ or students’ reviews.

  10. Are long paragraphs broken up?

    Lengthy blocks of text are easier to comprehend when divided into 1 to 3 sentence chunks and topped with benefit-laden subheads.

  11. Who does your text speak to?

    Your copy should read as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with a friend. Involve your prospects and use easy-to-understand words with short sentences.

  12. Have you made it easy to capture your prospects’ information?

    Your prospects will instantly qualify themselves when you offer them an opportunity to exchange their e-mail, phone number, or social media connection for free information.

  13. How many times do you use “you?”

    The words “you” and “your” should appear at least three times more in marketing copy than “we” and “our.”

  14. Do you have a call to action?

    Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do next – or risk them doing nothing.

  15. Do you have a deadline?

    The longer you allow people to wait, the less likely they will take action – so provide compelling reasons to act now.

  16. “What’s in it for me?”

    Your prospects want to know, so frequently tell them by building on the big benefit stated in your headline.

  17. Have you reversed your prospects’ fear of taking action?

    A guarantee or free trial demonstrates to prospects your confidence in your service.

  18. Did you address every common question prospects might have about your offer?

    Your prospects will reward you with action when you acknowledge their resistance.

  19. Does your text portray enthusiasm about your tutoring service?

    You can’t expect prospects to want your service if you’re not excited about it. Your passion will become infectious and drive leads.

If you follow these tips and tricks, your marketing materials will begin to shine. Readers will be engaged and you will build relationships with individuals who want to know more about you, and your business.

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