Oases Sales and Marketing Tools

Any successful tutoring business will need sales and marketing tools. This will help you find and communicate with new customers, and turn existing customers into repeat business.

Let’s take a deeper look at what we have to help your tutoring business with sales and marketing. Press the image below if you are having trouble seeing it on your device.

oases sales and marketing tools

Tutoring Sales Tools

MarketPlace Storefront

MarketPlace storefront is one of the tutoring sales tools available to you in your Oases tutoring management system. Once activated Oases produces some simple code for you to publish to a page on your website. As a result, this page becomes your online store.

Furthermore, you can create more than one MarketPlace in Oases. For example, have one page selling tutoring services and another selling camp. If you offer face to face tutoring and are based in multiple locations, it’s simple for you to set up a page per zone.

There are five main areas for you to use to help you sell services to existing or new customers. Your operation  may need just one or all of these features, MarketPlace is flexible:

  • Sell service hours.
  • Book a tutor.
  • Sell a session for a set time, day and service.
  • Offer a series or schedule of classes and the customer buys onto all sessions.
  • Break up the series where a customer buys on to just the sessions required.

As MarketPlace is published to your website it includes a white label login and your customers can login to their Oases account via your website. Additionally, they can move seamlessly between their account and your storefront and back assisting you with selling services.

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Another tutoring sales tool available to your team are webforms. Again, these are published to your website. To clarify, these webforms can be used for your human resource department to collect tutor applications or for your sales team to capture new leads.

Most importantly, you can create a webform that is attached to your MarketPlace for customer check out. When a new customer checks out you then capture the information you require. Oases tutor tracking software does the work creating the student and customer records; transferring your new customer details.

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Tutoring Marketing Tools

MailChimp Integration

One of the great tutoring marketing tools is MailChimp. If you have a MailChimp account you can link this to your Oases tutoring management database. As leads are created by your Oases WebForms you can send new information or updates to MailChimp.

Explore our MailChimp Integration

Emailing & Templates

Don’t have a MailChimp account or choose to use it for other campaigns? Oases sales and marketing tools can help. Once you have captured a new lead with a webform you will need to stay in touch and you can do this directly from Oases.¬† That is to say you can use the Oases tutoring management system to email offers to a list of customers or students. You may pull up your list with the use of your tags.

Email templates are one of the great oases sales and marketing tools. Therefore, to help speed up the emailing process for your team you can create email templates that may be selected for individual or bulk emailing.

To speed up the communication process for you, some emails may be sent automatically when your records meet certain criteria. Other emails will be sent automatically when certain functions are performed that trigger the email. All in all, plenty of options to stay in touch with your new and existing clients.


Your administration team can create tags in Oases simply and easily. Consequently, your tags can be used for your onboarding or sales process. You can add tags to incoming records created by the webforms. Consequently, you can filter all records by tags for all sorts of tasks you may wish your teams to perform.

Other Sales and Marketing Tools

The Task Center

Each of your staff members with an Oases login has a task center. You may create tasks for yourself or delegate tasks to others, keeping track of progress if you need.

Whether you are performing tutoring sales tasks or creating tutoring marketing emails, setting tasks is essential. Your team can task when certain emails need to be sent for certain records or lists.

SMS Texting

Activating SMS texting allows you to send quick texts on the fly for easy communication. You can also create SMS text templates to compliment your email templates.

So, as well as sending session reminders to existing customers and students consider sending texts to your leads as well. Perhaps you want to refer them to a new offer on your website or reach out to all of your students who have finished a test prep course. Using the tags you have created and the filtering abilities of Oases, you will find keeping in touch and keeping everyone informed is easy.

Please note that your recipients may opt out of texting. Please note there is an additional fee for this service.


tutoring sales and marketing tools

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