Standard Charges

oases Customized District/Company Templates

District formats can often be programmed into oases. Where a district won’t accept the standard oases format, please enter a ticket with two documents attached. Both documents MUST be in Word format. The first document should be a blank form in
the format requested but with no data in it. The second document should be filled with example data, and where not obvious, it should include where in oases the data is to be taken from.

Your ticket will be answered with a quote if the format is complex, or a link to this page if straightforward.

Once you’ve reviewed the cost, please update the ticket with authority to continue (and therefore to charge your credit card) or with cancellation of the request.

Standard charges are $20.00 per template plus $5 per district or state uploaded. This will include one iteration with questions/answers. If further iterations are required, they will each attract a $20.00 charge.

Please note that some data required by districts may not exist in oases and in that case, it will have to be entered manually after the document is created.

Customer Requested Specific Enhancements

Customer requested enhancements to the oases system will be charged at a basic software engineering rate of $95/hour with a minimum of 2 hours. More complex design or analysis may attract a higher hourly rate.

If you want to request an enhancement, please submit a ticket and include as much detail as possible describing what you want. The object will be for us to understand solely from the contents of the ticket exactly what you’re requesting, so please feel
free to use screen shots, documents, etc.

We’ll then perform an initial feasibility study and quote an estimated price and timescale in reply to the ticket. After reviewing it, please either update the ticket with the authority to continue (and therefore to charge your credit card) or with
cancellation of the request.

Any changes to the specification, either during or after delivery of the enhancement will attract additional hourly charges.

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