We appreciate that you’ll have questions and areas that need explaining before you feel comfortable committing to theOases system. We’ve covered many areas on this website but in addition, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Just call us at 866-327-0035 or click here to send us an email message. In addition to email and phone conferences, we’re happy to take you through a live, online demonstration of the system where you’ll be able to see Oases in action and ask questions specific to your business.


You know what you need. You’ve looked at Oases and decided to become a customer. Welcome – we’re delighted to have you on board with us! We’ll set up your database, configure it to work optimally for your operation and make sure that it’s ready for you when you start training for your administrators.


Our fanatically dedicated Training and Support staff will introduce your administrators to the system. This is normally accomplished in a one hour online session using screen-sharing technology. This way, your staff can be fully trained from the comfort of their desk or home. They’ll be shown how to load staff and students. Configure payroll and Invoicing. They’ll learn how to set up all your programs and schedules and generally make them experts in the system quickly and efficiently.


Now your administrators know how to get the best out of Oases system they can prepare training for the rest of your staff. To help in this process, we’ve created a series of eight brief training videos for tutors. If they watch the videos, they’ll know how to use the system. The videos can be viewed online, or just contact us to have them sent to you so you can put them on your own website.


We’ve created an entire Knowledge Base to help your users get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. If your administrators still have a question or need an answer to something, they can submit a support ticket and our incredible support staff will pick it up and deal with it promptly. Of course, if there’s anything urgent, then we’re only a phone call away.

Finally, if you have a good idea for making Oases even better, let us know. We love new ideas!