Oases Online Program Tracking Software Releases Multiple New Features

Naples FL, September 17th, 2013 – Oases Online the premier provider of tracking and scheduling software to tutoring and after school providers has announced huge enhancements to the ‘private pay’ billing area of the oases system.

Mr. Charles Steel, CEO of Oases Online announced the following new features that have been added to the already feature packed management system.

1. Matrix Billing – The ability to program the system with any student, tutor/coach, subject combination with a different billing and payroll rate, in addition to the customer programmed defaults. Allowing true flexibility to negotiate with customers and offer discounts for siblings and one off sessions.

2. Bulk Invoicing – The ability to bill all students on a particular session at once, for attending the same programs. This works in conjunction with matrix billing automatically creating the invoices for the pre-programmed invoice rate.

3. Split Billing – Programming two customers for a student and having the oases online system split the bill between them from a pre-designated percentage.

4. Recurring (memorized) Billing – The ability to program Oases to generate invoices for you on a set date or interval of dates and if that’s too much, then setting Oases to remind you to do it.

“These are great enhancements”, said Mr. Steel, talking from the company’s Florida office. “We have grown from providing software for government tutoring programs such as SES and Department of Child Services, to offering the full package. Now our customers can run government and private pay tutoring side by side, with Oases doing much of the heavy lifting”. Mr. Steel went on to say, “This is an area of the system that needed a few extra features to ease the tasks of invoicing and we are very happy with how the private billing module now works”.

Oases Online provides scheduling and tracking software for all session based businesses with the ability to run government and private pay programs side by side in the same system. Let Oases run the data, so you can run your business!

For additional information on Oases Online please email oases or call 1-866-327-0035.


Katharine Thoresen
Operations Manager
Oases Online