Oases customer service bulletin 16.008

Oases customer service bulletin 16.008

This bulletin announces the following changes to Oases:

1. Field Mapping Imports for Staff & Students

We have released a new import feature that allows you to do a student import or a staff import with your own spreadsheets or a spreadsheet provided by an agency, rather than moving the data into an import template.


2. Student Session Note Requirement

It is now possible to set your Oases database to require that a student session note has been entered prior to the session being submitted.


3. Misc Field Macros for ‘Tutor You Have A New Student Email’

You have always been able to set your Oases database to email a Tutor if they are assigned as the primary tutor to a new student. You have always been able to change the text of this email template but now you can adjust the email template to include information from the Miscellaneous fields in the student record.


4. Last Session Type Purchased Macro for ‘Tutor You Have A New Student Email’

In addition to the above new information that can be included in the ‘Tutor You Have A New Student Email’ it is also now possible to advise the tutor which session type was most recently purchased by a private pay student if the tutor is going to be creating the sessions.


5. Schedule To Session Notes

The Schedule builder screen now has a schedule note that will create an identical session note in each session created by the schedule. It has the same show/hide functionality as the session note. This is in addition to the previous new feature of being able to add a student session note to individual students added to a schedule.


6. Filter The Student Grid by Tutor For Any Student

The default settings in Oases when selecting a tutor on the Student Grid will filter the student grid to all students assigned to that tutor on the student district/program page. We have added a configuration item that you can now choose that this filter will return all students assigned or in a session with that tutor.

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