Oases customer service bulletin 16.007

Oases customer service bulletin 16.007

This bulletin announces the following changes to Oases:

1. Link Fields in Custom Fields

We have added a new type of field when creating custom fields. It is now possible to add a link field so that you can link to an external page or Google doc from within the records.


2. Purchased Time Report

For private pay customers where you have scheduled ahead for a customer, the Purchased Time Report in the Private Invoicing area of Reports gives you the purchased time less the approved time for a real time view of when re-invoicing may need to occur. The results are in descending order so those running out of purchased time are near the top.


3. Parent Session Requests is now a Config Item

Parents with a login to Oases can request sessions by clicking on the calendar in their log in. We now have the ability to turn off this function should you not wish parents to request sessions in this manner.

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