Oases customer service bulletin 16.006

Oases customer service bulletin 16.006

This bulletin announces the following changes to Oases:

1. Payment Receipts

It is now possible to print and/or email single payment receipts or bulk print and/or email single payment receipts.


2. SAT & ACT Test Result Grids

There are two new grids that may be displayed on the student test page to record SAT and ACT practice results. Past practice test results may also be imported.


3. Staff League Report

There is a new report in the staff area of reports called the Staff League Report. This will show the average time it takes staff to submit their sessions for the last week. Results are in descending order with your top performer at the top of the report.


4. Last Session Purchased Macro

There is a new macro that may be used for the ‘Tutor You Have a New Student’ email template to advise the tutor of the most recent session type purchased for that student.

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