Oases customer service bulletin 15.005

Oases customer service bulletin 15.005

The following changes have been made to oases:

1. Payroll & Agency Invoice ‘Approved Late Alerts’

Oases now has a configuration switch to alert you to sessions that are approved after the relevant payroll or agency invoice has been created. Please submit a support ticket to request this function.

2. Sending a Student Session Note to Report – Default Switch

Until now the default setting for sending a student note to a Progress Report or for the parent to access through a parent log-in has been set to off. It is now possible to set a permanent check mark under RPT in the session so that any notes feed automatically. If you would like this setting please submit a support ticket.

3. Primary Parent Designator

Where two customers are attached to a private pay student the record attached first is the primary parent/customer. The primary record will now appear in bold in private invoicing via the student tab and will also appear in bold in the student record on the student district tab.

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