Oases customer service bulletin 15.003

Oases customer service bulletin 15.003

The following changes have been made to oases:

1. Easier Access to Invoice Outstanding Figures

If you invoice for your sessions after they have been completed we have added an ‘outstanding’ column to the toggle view of the parent/customer grid in private invoicing. This column will show you the value of any sessions yet to be invoiced. There is a new filter at the top of the grid to filter only those customers that have an outstanding figure.

2. Invoice Outstanding Cut Off Date

Once you have filtered the Parent/Customer grid to show customers with a figure in the outstanding column you can set a cut off date to show customers that have sessions outstanding before a certain date. Pressing the outstanding figure for a customer creates the invoice up to the cut off date entered.


For additional instructions on these new features please view tutorial – INVOICE OUTSTANDING FOR PRIVATE PAY CUSTOMERS.

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