Oases customer service bulletin 15.001

Oases customer service bulletin 15.001

The following changes have been made to oases:

1. Conflict Checking in Schedules

The Schedule details page used to create a schedule will now check for staff and student availability. The student name will turn red if the student has a conflict. Hover over the red student name to find the conflict. Please keep in mind that a red student name in a session still means no credit.

2. Availability Match in Schedules

There is a new button in Schedule Details named AVAILABILITY MATCH, if you press this then a calendar will pop up showing all tutors that have availability for the schedule per the availability programmed into their staff record. You may filter this page by specialist subjects to drill down to find tutors. Press on the tutor name to add them to the schedule.

3. Consolidated Student Schedule

There is a new button in Schedule Details named VIEW CONSOLIDATED STUDENT SCHEDULE, that will show you all sessions for the student/s on the schedule including the schedule you are building. This will enable efficient scheduling for students with multiple sessions per day.

4. New Student Document Category for Sensitive Items

There is a new document category on the student document page called RESTRICTED. Use this category if the document you are uploading must NOT be visible to the tutors.

5. Schedule Hyperlink

The schedule numbers on the student attendance page are now hyper-linked to the schedule.

6. Schedule Numbers in Central Search

You can now add a schedule number to the Central Search in the blue cross bar. Just type in the number and make your selection.

7.  Custom Date Search Refinement

The custom date search on the sessions grid has been refined. When adding dates the drop down menu will automatically default to custom and the grid will filter without having to press refresh.

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