Oases customer service bulletin 14.010

Oases customer service bulletin 14.010

1. Unused Session Types

It is now possible to mark a session type in ‘configure session types’ as unused. The session type will be available for selection to filter lists of older sessions but will appear at the end of the list in a new section.

2. Tutors Adding Documents to their Records

It is now possible for a tutor to upload documents to their own record. They are still unable to view a list of saved documents to protect the integrity of the personnel file however Administrators will see the documents.

3. Credit Limit Students

Private Pay Students with a credit limit assigned will appear as green in the session area and their hours totals will be green in the student grid. This clarifies the red student as having no hours and no credit limit and the black student as having pre-purchased hours.

4. Change to the Primary Tutor Report

The Primary Tutor Report has been changed to include the name of any tutor who has worked with a student, not just the primary assigned tutor. An additional column will advise if they are the primary assigned tutor ‘yes’ or have just worked with the student on a session ‘no’.

5. Percentage Pay – Beta Test

For Private Pay Students it is now possible to use the billing/payroll override matrix in the student record to pay staff a percentage of what the customer was billed for the session. Follow the instructions under the grid or view the new tutorial entitled percentage pay.

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