Oases customer service bulletin 14.009

Oases customer service bulletin 14.009

1. Change to a Private Invoice Line Item

When adding a line item in a private invoice the date and day boxes were appearing for all session types. These boxes are only relevant to date-range session types (for example: Selling 7 days for $50.00 and the student can come as often as they like within the 7 day date-range. Used for afterschool care and camp).

These boxes will now be grayed out for all line items that are not associated with a date range session type.


2. Schedule Flexibility

It is now possible to program a schedule for different times on different days using the new select boxes in the schedule details page.


3. Schedule Tracking

If a session was created by the schedule screen as well as the schedule number showing in the session grid, the schedule number will now feature in the session details screen in the top right corner.

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