Oases customer service bulletin 14.007

Oases customer service bulletin 14.007

1. New Look Released

New cleaner look released live with the following function changes:

a. Session notes that are checked as RPT and the session is approved are now visible by the parent on parent log-in.

b. In the session grid you can search for a schedule number to bring up all sessions created by that schedule.

c. Changes made to schedules will now update all sessions for databases set for future attendance, as long as the session is in the future and has not been submitted, reviewed or approved.

d. The Student tab is now under PEOPLE.

e. Invoicing and Payroll are now together under TOOLS.

f. The SET UP page and the KNOWLEDGE BASE are found by using the quick links on the home page or the small down arrow by your log-in name.

g. Drop down menus are now searchable for districts/programs and tutoring locations.

h. Entering notes and documents has been streamlined.

i. In private invoicing on the student list there is a check box to show inactive students in the list to take final payments.

j. Private Session types with zero minutes associated that are created for use as line items in invoicing will no longer appear in the drop down menus in sessions and schedules.

2. Linking to Parent from Student Record.

When a parent or associated customer has been linked with a private student, the names of the linked records are listed on the student’s district page. These record names serve as links to take you directly to the record of the parent or linked customer (social worker, attorney, school teacher etc).

3. SES Invoice Report

There is a new column in the SES invoice report that shows the date the invoice was created.

4. Student Summary Report

An hours left column has been added to the Student Summary Report, next to the contract end date to enable better scheduling.


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