Oases customer service bulletin 14.002

Oases customer service bulletin 14.002

1. Email Templates

You may now adjust the text for any email sent by the oases system. Please go to Set Up and select Templates and then select email templates. Select the template you wish to update and make any changes being careful not to remove the merge field macro.

Please keep in mind that your database may not be set to send all of the available emails so you do not have to work on each one. If you had previously changed your welcome email templates these should not have changed but we recommend that you check them as there is now a separate welcome email for parent log ins.

2. Bulletins by Message Board

Starting with the next bulletin the internal oases message board will be the only method used to notify you of any changes to the system.

3. Google Calendar Push – Beta Testing

We have just released our Beta version of Google Push. This will display your oases sessions in your Google calendar. Each staff member has to set it up themselves using the new tutorial in the Knowledge Base. This is Beta testing as we are not able to test this function for multiple calendars and as such would ask you to report any issues via the support system.

4. Update to Split Billing

If using the Matrix to run split bills for private pay students the second ‘bill to party’ must now be linked to the student record.


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