Oases customer service bulletin 13.019

Oases customer service bulletin 13.019

1. Minimum Pay

We have introduced the concept of a minimum pay for a session. The minimum pay sits above the pay rate for the session types in the pay group. The hourly rate/s is/are recorded as normal and if the calculation does not reach the minimum pay entered in the minimum pay box oases will pay the minimum pay instead. If you want to use minimum pay as set pay, just enter zeros in the hourly rate and student boxes under the minimum pay box.


2. Multiple Tutors

We have introduced the ability for more than one tutor to be on a session. This is a configuration item that needs to be switched on in your database. When switched on you will find, in the sessions detail page, an Additional Tutors box where you can select to add tutors with the correct location permissions to the session. Payroll will look at all tutors on the session and pay from the tutor’s pay group for the relevant session type. If you would like multiple tutors switched on please submit a support ticket.


3. Names

We have introduced the ability to change the name of the access levels to oases; namely tutor, lead teacher, coordinator, Regional Manager and Admin. The change will permeate the permissions and the reports and all areas of the database where the names were previously labeled. Should you wish to change your tutors to coaches for example, please submit a support ticket and clearly state the name of the current access level and what you wish it to be. If you have created any of your own permission groups these will not change.


4. Student Cell and Email

There are now fields in the student record for student cell phone and student email.


5. Private Invoice Notes

When creating a private invoice you will notice a new notes box at the bottom of the invoice pop up box. Any note written here will now generate to the invoice.


6. Change to Homeroom Teacher info

The Homeroom Teacher info fields on the student’s district page have been changed to read Teacher rather than homeroom teacher to accommodate the varied needs of our providers. It is now possible to place multiple names separated by a comma and multiple emails separated by a comma to forward progress reports to multiple subject teachers in a high school environment.

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