Oases customer service bulletin 13.017

Oases customer service bulletin 13.017

1. Rebranding
We have launched a new color scheme and new logo for oases. We love the new look and hope you do too, it’s clean and fresh and modern with less emphasis on the SES billing module now that oases offers the ability to manage any kind of tutoring program.

New training materials are available with the new logo and colors.


2. Parent/Customer log-in Re-Launch
We have relaunched the way parent and customer logins are created:
– For Private Tutoring these are now one and the same; the parent login and the bill to party are combined if they are the same person and can be kept separate if they are not.
– For federally funded tutoring the parent login has been streamlined and easier to manage.

Training guide available for the new functions.

Manual for your parents or customers available.


3. Customer Online Payment
Private tutoring parent/customers may now log in and see their invoices and payments and select to make a credit card payment directly into an oases database. An authorize net account is required for this to work.


4. Session Requests
Parents may now request sessions directly through the calendar accessible with the parent/customer login.


5. Training
The following documents have been updated or created with up to date information, logo and new colors:

1. The oases training admin manual.
2. The oases training order of operations check sheet.
3. The oases training tutor manual.

The tutor training videos in the knowledge base will be updated over the coming weeks.

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