Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.016

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.016

1. Remove LP & PR Signature Lines

If you are using the default Learning Plans and Progress Report you can now select, district by district, whether these produce with a signature line. The default setting is for the signature line to be included, if you wish to remove the signature line this can be done on the District page. Locations|Districts|Select District|Remove Check Marks in section 1.


2. Tutor Overlay in the Central Calendar

Previously it was possible to filter the central calendar by district, then tutoring location and tutor, or by one tutor with no district selected for those tutors working in several districts or programs. Now it is possible to view several tutors at a time to facilitate working a schedule for a student that involves multiple tutors.

In the Central Calendar you will see a new button called Tutor Calendars, using the control key (mac=Command) select the tutors you wish to see overlaid on the calendar page.

The filters will work normally; changing the tutors that appear in the tutor calendars list as you filter by district and tutoring location.


3. oaSES App

A new version of the oaSES App is available for upgrade on your Apple devices. It is now possible for tutors to photograph a sign in sheet and upload directly to the session documents.


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