Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.012

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.012


After a weekend of total silence and no interruptions our intrepid design team worked out a way to use the plus-drop functionality in the new calendar. At the top right of the calendar you will now see a small T in a blue box. Pressing this will restore the template to the top of the calendar so you can select your session parameters without hitting the new session button.

To drop the sessions into the calendar just click the day. The plus sign has retired but the functionality has been restored.

NOTE: As a click anywhere in the calendar will create the session on that day, be extremely careful if the template at the top of the page has details selected and you are randomly clicking around the calendar. You may wish to return the template to default selections when you have finished dropping your sessions.


It is now no longer necessary to select a district before filtering the calendar by a tutor.


We have noticed that many providers include the schedule number in the CLASS # box when creating schedules so that this information is visible on the sessions grid to easily identify sessions created by a schedule. Therefore, to help you out, on the main session grid there is now a new column featuring the schedule number if the session was generated by a schedule. This information is visible only from the sessions grid so you may still wish to put the schedule number into the main session notes or room number (inside the schedule generation page) for the schedule number to be readily available when inside the sessions detail page.

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