Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.010

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.010


Central Calendar (accessed through the sessions tab)

a)      We have introduced a month, week and day view.

b)      We have introduced the ability to select the color protocol from a drop-down at the top of the page and have introduced color by tutor. (The tutor color is set in the staff record on the staff | company page. If you do not set a color it will default to blue)

c)       We have introduced a red border to sessions that are locked due to payroll or invoicing.

d)      We have introduced drag technology to move sessions: – Click and drag to new time or new day to update the session.

e)      We have introduced expand technology: – Drag the end time to change the duration of the session.

f)       We have introduced the number of students on the session in parenthesis on the calendar view.

g)      In the week and daily view we have introduced the session type.

h)      Click on a session to view additional details or to edit.

i)        We have streamlined the NEW SESSION entry from the top of the calendar. Select the district, location, tutor and session type and hit new session.

Staff Calendar (accessed through the hours on the staff grid)

a)      All of the above additions with the exception of the tutor color: -The color defaults to the status of the session per the previous calendar: – Gray = Nothing, Peach = Submitted, Blue = Reviewed, Green = Approved.

b)      We have streamlined the NEW SESSION entry to one button leading to the regular session details screen.

Student Calendar (accessed through the hours on the student grid)

a)      As for the staff calendar


Alerts have been changed to return results for students that are not a status of CS. When a student has completed service or are inactive they will no longer feature in the alert results.


The staff report now features the allocated permission rather than the default permission. This means that if you have duplicated the tutor permission for example and named it something else and allocated that permission to a staff member, the report will return the exact name of the permission group allocated on the staff permission page, rather than just ‘tutor’.


In the Private billing module when working in the ‘manage bill to’ area and you are scrolling to find a student to attach to the bill to party, there is now a small search field to find the private student from the list quickly.

We have also introduced a feature where if you put in the last name of the bill to and it happens to be the same as the last name of the student, oaSES will find the student for you automatically and feature them in the student grid for selection/allocation.

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