Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.008

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.008


When bulk importing students using the provided spreadsheet template it is now possible to denote two locations for a student. The school in column G remains the primary location sometimes referred to as the ‘day school’ for Federal Tutoring (SES, 21st etc). However, if your student will be receiving tutoring at an alternative or second location this can now be denoted in the import to prevent having to add the second location manually. The new column is to the far right of the import spreadsheet in column AQ and the location code will be taken from the same school ID list.

If you keep a copy of the import spreadsheet on your local machine rather than downloading from oaSES each time, please be sure to switch it out with the new one.


A number of the reports in the reports section are dynamic reports; this is where the column titles of the report will differ for each provider as they have been individually configured by said provider. The application packet items on the Staff Details by District Report is one such example. We have installed new functionality that now permits the search function to work on dynamic reports.

The search acts as a primary filter only. Should you need secondary and tertiary filtering or sorting please export the report directly to excel by pressing the excel icon to the left of the report name.


Following the release of the Session Reimbursement box inside the session screen, it was brought to our attention that not all providers required this box and did not wish their tutors to see it. It is now possible to turn this function off and the box will not appear. Should you wish to remove the session reimbursement box from all sessions in your database please submit a support ticket requesting this.

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