Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.006

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.006

1. Private Invoicing Only

Providers offering private tutoring only now have the ability to switch off the SES invoicing tab, thereby reaching the private billing module directly when the main invoice tab is selected in the main menu. If you are a private provider and would like to have the SES invoicing tab removed please submit a support ticket to request this configuration.

2. Email Log

There is a new report in the OTHER section of the reports area called EMAIL LOG. This will record any email sent from the oaSES system, be it a session reminder or a new log-in or progress report. It details who requested the email be sent, the recipient and the send status. Please check this report for any questions you have about emails sent from your oaSES system.

3. Upgrade to the Application Packet and District Application Reports

These two reports feature column headings for items that are configured by individual providers. As the headings were different for each provider the column headings were item numbers rather than the name of the item. This has now been upgraded to dynamic column headers that will feature the text as set by yourself in oaSES.

4. Tutors can now open a Reviewed or Approved Session

Previously, as soon as a session had been reviewed or approved it locked the tutor from opening the session to prevent any changes being made after the review/approve process. We have changed this process slightly to enable the tutor to open a reviewed or approved session to check they have made their student notes correctly, but they will not be able to make any changes. This is a read only function to enable the tutor to alert their administration if a change needs to be made.

5. Audit Trail

There is now an audit trail report in the private section of the reports area detailing actions made to invoices and payments.

6. New Session Save Alert Warning

If a session is submitted, reviewed or approved and there are students on the session (and the session is in the past) but no attendance has been entered for the student the user will now receive a boxed warning that the action is being taken with no attendance for the student. This is a reminder for tutors to enter the student time into the session in addition to the session duration.

7. Private Invoice Outstanding configurations

It is now possible to choose when a private session, offered on a credit limit, pulls to the Invoice Outstanding tab. Private providers can chose between as soon as the session is created, submitted, reviewed or approved. To request a change in your oaSES configuration, please submit a support ticket.

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