Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.005

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.005

1. Parent Log-In

It is now possible to create a parent log-in in oaSES for parents to access progress reports and session dates and other information you may wish to share. There is a new category in the Knowledge Base entitled ‘Parents’ containing tutorials on how to set this useful function in your database and how to change what the parents see.

2. Session Reminders

It is now possible to set oaSES to send session reminder emails the day before a session. You may choose to send them to the students, the tutors or both. The student reminder will go to the email address for the primary guardian.

Should you wish to activate this feature in your database, please submit a support ticket requesting the feature and if it is for tutor, student or both.

3. OMNI Exports

The OMNI exports are now available through the actions field in the student grid as well as through the reports area. This enables you to filter the grid by district and school before selecting students and requesting the report from the actions grid. You will be asked for a month before the report is generated.

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