Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.002

Oases Customer Service Bulletin 13.002

1. Select your Standards

On the LOCATIONS |STATE page it is now possible to select if you would like to use Common Core or the State Standards for your learning plans. The default setting will be State Standards, so please ensure you switch any relevant states to Common Core as required. It is possible to switch-save learning plans if you have a district that is deciding to be different!

2. Prior Period Payroll Changes for Multiple Periods

Currently oaSES will bring forward one prior payroll period in the Payroll area of oaSES. We have made an addition to oaSES whereby you may now choose to carry forward any approved session from any payroll period. If you opt for this configuration for your database, if a session is approved many weeks or months after the payroll has been calculated, oaSES will spot it and bring it forward for payment. If you would like to have Multiple Prior Periods activated for your database, please put in a support ticket requesting the configuration change.

3. Email your Tutors when Assigned to a Student

We have added a configuration change whereby you can opt for oaSES to email a Tutor when they are assigned to a Student. If you would like oaSES to send these emails, please put in a support ticket requesting the configuration change.

4. Change Log accessible through oaSES Pages

As you are already aware we keep an online log of all Customer Service Bulletins which is accessible through the link at the top of this email or through the oaSES main website. We have now included a link to the Change Log at the bottom of each oaSES page next to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Reports

You will have noticed the changes to the reports area in oaSES 13. This area has been simplified to speed up the generation of reports and response times have improved greatly. The internal filtering options have been removed to facilitate this improvement. However, the report may be subjected to a primary sort using the search function at the top right of the page. All reports may be generated direct to excel by pressing the excel icon to the left of the report name should you need additional sorting and filtering.

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