What can Oases do for you?

Oases is a personalized online database for any session based business offering instruction, tutoring, camp, care or any situation where an appointment is made between a provider such as an instructor, coach, care giver or therapist and a session attendee such as a student or patient.  Sessions may also be made without a session leader to rent space or equipment.

With geographic, program, qualifications and availability information Oases helps you build and sell schedules to your customers. From start to finish everything from invoicing, payments, scheduling, setting goals and then reporting on those goals are handled seamlessly in the Oases Online system.

Your staff and your customers may log in and sign off sessions and see what is set, how much they owe or how much they have earned allowing you to run your business rather than spending your day on the phone checking staff availability and chasing payments.

With three invoice modules built into Oases, where the money comes from to pay for the sessions you run is handled easily. Invoice individuals, an agency on a per student basis or an agency on a per contract basis. You can even split the bills between two entities if that is what the situation calls for.

All that Oases has to offer

Oases is so full of features and benefits that it won’t fit on one page so we have broken it down into easy to manage sections.

Use the In Detail drop down in the main menu to explore the different features. This menu is repeated on the side of each features page to help you gain a comprehensive overview of Oases.

If you don’t run tutoring or academics the Business Use pages are great to see the highlights for a specific industry and drill down to see how we can help you.

At any time you can call us or use the demonstration request form and we will show you the system and answer specific questions about your program or business.

Video – Features & Benefits

  • Easily schedule staff and students – spend time enjoying your business not stressing out.
  • Simple and easy to use invoicing solutions.
  • Online testing through the Achieve Series of Tests or create your own.
  • Log scores, grades, times or achievements.
  • Configurable instant and automatic student progress reports.
  • Easily produce your payroll; includes the ability for custom payments based upon specific group or student.
  • Analyze your business by cost centers or programs.
  • Store important documents for staff members and students.
  • Allow parents to login to pay invoices or see progress reports or individual session notes and much more.

Video – Intelligent Match

So what’s next?

On the right side of this page you will find a demonstration booking form. We would love to show you how Oases can streamline your business so fill out the form and book a convenient time or call us on 866.327.0035.

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